On Saturday, October 28th, the European-nationalist foundation „Europa Terra Nostra“ held a successful geopolitical conference in Göteborg, Sweden, where a paradigm shift in global politics, which is becoming more and more apparent, was the central subject of discussion. This meeting of Nationalists with an occidental consciousness was an anti-globalist signal to all freedom-loving peoples struggling for self-determination and identity. This effort against international-capitalist exploitation, imperialist warmongering, and liberalist tyranny is a global fight between ethnopluralism and multiculturalism. It´s a striving for peace, instead of the clash of civilisations by an artificially induced flood of migration.


The motto of the conference implied a global dimension and read:


„Turning point Syria – First time globalists losing a war“


ETN Conference – „Turning Point Syria“ in Gothenburg
Panel discussion
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More than 100 highly motivated activists participated in this all-day conference. The invited speakers ventilated the topic comprehensively from different perspectives of nation-states´ interest positions. Lectures were held by:


Udo Voigt, NPD-Member of European Parliament and former flight lieutenant of the German Bundeswehr.


Herve van Laethem, chairman of NATION and former warrant officer in the Belgium army. He is also member of the board of the European nationalist party Alliance for Peace and Freedom (APF)


Lahoud Lahdo, born in Syria, graduated with a Masters in fiscal science and sworn translator at court. He is living in Brussels and is a member of the board of directors of the Association of Syrian Expatriates in Belgium and Luxembourg.


Stefan Jacobsson, former chairman of the Svenskarnas Parti and secretary general of the European nationalist party Alliance for Peace and Freedom (APF). He is acting in close cooperation with the publishing company, Logik Förlag.


Dan Eriksson, President of „Europa Terra Nostra“, held an enthusiastic and in parts humorous speech about the far reaching affairs of daily politics concerning Syria. „This is why such conferences are so important“, Erkisson explained emphasising the informational purpose of the event. Furthermore Dan Eriksson presented convincingly the work of his foundation and described some of the activities.


After every speech, the audience was given the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the answers. This interactive element was appreciated by the participants who used it. The assembly was characterised by an intellectual exceptionally high level, expressed through consistently experienced up to date questions in line with the topic of the conference. The conference ended with a panel discussion including all speakers of the conference which developed as a highlight of this day.


Astonishingly, the conference ran with no disruptions by Antifa or police. The media puzzled until the end over the location where the congress would be held. Police even called on the public in an article to give information about the venue if someone has hints. This no longer has anything in common with democracy, but most important is that we realized this conference, despite these attempts of repression– one more battle the globalists didn´t win!

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