Last January, a delegation of the Europa Terra Nostra traveled to an organized meeting in Wroclaw, Poland. The meeting itself was engaging, and the exchange of ideas and meaningful messages presented in the Wroclaw Resolution clearly set a mark in the process of growing partnerships and cooperation between European patriots and nationalists.

Dan Eriksson (Sweden), the chairman of Europa Terra Nostra, once again presented the goals of the foundation, focusing on the importance of cooperation and partnership between European nationalists, as well as overcoming chauvinism and thus preventing any future conflicts between the brother-nations of Europe.

Jens Pühse (Germany), the deputy chairman of Europa Terra Nostra held a presentation showing the successful past projects of the foundation and its overall work so far.


Delegationsreise von Europa Terra Nostra nach Breslau
Breslauer Rathaus
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The venue of the meeting was chosen intentionally. Poland is on its way to reserve itself an honorary place in future history book. Those pushing the LGBT and gender-propaganda are having an incredible hard time in Poland, just as those who try to push for open border policies“ – the Polish society rejects the migrants in full and one can say the Polish people are skeptical when it comes to the multicultural question to say the least.

Other members of the delegation and the ETN board who attended the meeting were Georges Dimitroulias (Greece), Nicola Cospito (Italy), Hynek Rynt (Czech Republic) among other guests and friends of the foundation.


The former ARD correspondent from Moscow, Gabriele Krone-Schmalz used to say that one can only get to know a country if you engage it – the same can apply to Poland. The opportunity to learn and to better understand Poland was possible through discussion and open talk with Polish hosts.  Wroclaw university professors and members of the clergy attended the meeting as well as the reporters of the Polish magazine Opcja na Prawo. The discussion was focused on Poland’s relations to the European Union. A sign of support and as a part of a farewell speech on the 27th January, the Europa Terra Nostra delegation presented the Wroclaw Resolution.


Before the signing the Wroclaw Resolution, the signers made it clear that they do not approve of everything the Polish government is doing, yet it has also made clear that the internal affairs of the Polish nation are strictly under Polish jurisdiction.

It is after all not only Poland who is being attacked by the Eurocrats. The countries of the Visegrad Group (besides Poland – Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia) are being attacked as well. Whoever defies the agenda of Brussels will be met with sanctions and steep fines. Up until now, the mentioned nations withstood every attempt of Brussels to impose on them their immigration or gender policies.


The consequences of a rampant and uncontrolled immigration policy are clearly visible in the example of Sweden. But even there, new initiatives and positive actions are yet to be seen. The “Det Fria Sverige“, founded in November 2017, used the opportunity to present its goals during the conference in Wroclaw. Dan Eriksson, the founder of the project, talked about the goals of the “Det Fria Sverige“ initiative, and said that the main goal is to secure “Swedish housing“ by buying off property and housing for Swedes. The first house will be bought during this year.

A visit was organized to the old “Breslauer Jahrhunderthalle“ today, “Hala Stulecia“, designed by the architect Max Berg at the beginning of the 20th century in the Wroclaw old town was also part of the program and the delegation’s visit to Wroclaw.





Europe is at a decisive crossroad. In a time when the western countries have adopted a political ideology set on the destruction of our cultural and political borders while embracing mass immigration as our common, irreversible destiny which can be regulated at best, the countries of middle-eastern Europe and the Visegrad Group  – The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland are not willing to sacrifice their sovereignty and their right to protect their national borders much to the discomfort of the German chancellor Angela Merkel, who created the existing crisis with her irresponsible policies.

Because of their defiance and their decision not to open their borders and let uncontrollable waves of illegal migrants literally flood their countries, the Visegrad Group states are now a target of political and financial sanctions of the European Union. This is a clear sign that a repressive political system is being kept strong in Brussels, whose ultimate goal is not the preservation and well-being of the European peoples, but on the contrary – their goal is the destruction of European countries.

Once a year, the streets of Warsaw are being flooded by patriots from all over Europe, to commemorate polish independence, but also to send a clear message. A message that the United patriots of Europe will not accept the destruction of their countries, their traditions, their values, and their families. They will not bow down to the demands of multiculturalism, cultural Marxism and the gender-policies all bent on destroying the core and foundations of our societies. Poland has become the stronghold for all those who are dedicated to fight and advocate for the preservation of our nations, our western culture, and our families.

Although we, the signatories of this declaration, are critical to the government of Poland, we still unconditionally support its attempt to safeguard the basic rights of their people., especially:

– To create and carry out laws and implement your constitutional rights independent and free from any foreign factors and influences, creating  policies on which the Polish society is based or will be based upon.

–  To maintain the rights of self-government and securing the borders of the country, as well as the right to object any imposed quotas for the acceptance of illegal immigrants.

–  To protect the rights and the foundations of traditional families from aggressive and dangerous gender-policies.

Poland did not throw away the shackles of communism in 1989 just to quietly surrender to the bondage of another ideology and foreign power wanting to control the fate of their people – this time this foreign power and ideology does not come from Moscow, but from Brussels.

We reflect, remember, and relate to Polish national heroes such as King Jan Sobieski who crushed the Turkish army at Vienna in 1683, saving the city and saving central and western Europe from an Islamic invasion.

We demand from the commissioner-regime in Brussels to keep their hands away, not just from Poland, but from every freedom-loving European nation and every nation worldwide who wants to preserve their national and cultural roots and identities and exercise their sovereign right to do so.


Wroclaw, 27 January 2018


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