At the beginning of March 2019, the members of Europa Terra Nostra met for a general meeting in Kalamata, Greece. The focus of the meeting was set on the election of the new Executive Board. Chairman Dan Eriksson reported on the activities in 2018 and presented the plans for 2019. Many seminars and events were held in 2018 in various European countries.

In Germany, the publication of three books (“Udo Voigt – One for Germany,” “Europe versus the EU” by Sascha A. Roßmüller and the book by Frank Kraemer “Become immortal, right metapolitics as a philosophy of life”) was the highlight of literary publishing activities. However, also two successful seminars for training young filmmakers and graphic artists under the title “Political video production in theory and practice” and “Efficient and effective design. With Adobe Photoshop” were on the agenda.

The participation on the Leipzig Book Fair enabled the Foundation’s books and initiatives to be made widely known, but also made sure that the name Europa Terra Nostra is being heard of.

Also, half a year after founding the “Patriotic Entrepreneurship Circle”, Eriksson reported about the positive results of this project. In Berlin, a circle of entrepreneurs had formed in June 2018 under Europa Terra Nostra. Every month entrepreneurs from Berlin and the surrounding area of ​​Brandenburg hold a meeting. With this new project, politically like-minded people should be networking together beyond the borders of various political parties and organizations to make better use of the existing potential in the patriotic sphere.

The members of Europa Terra Nostra elected a new board after the meeting. Swedish Chairman Dan Eriksson was confirmed in office, and Jens Pühse from Berlin was again elected as Eriksson’s deputy. The Board of Directors is represented by the Treasurer René Bethage (Germany), Nicola Cospito (Italy), Hynek Rynt (Czech Republic), Ing. Jozef Mihalcin (Slovakia), Georgios Dimitroulias (Greece), Ivan Bilokapic (Croatia) and Christian Dumitriu (Romania).

Dan Eriksson (Sweden) and Jens Pühse (Germany)

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