Gustav Kasselstrand, frontman of the Alternative for Sweden and AfS top candidate for the European elections, on the EU and enhanced cooperation in Scandinavia.

“Vill du också att Sverige ska lämna EU” – “Do you want Sweden to leave the EU too?” The Alternative for Sweden (Alternativ för Sverige), founded in 2018, recently launched an Internet campaign as part of an intensive European election campaign. Frontman of the AfS is with 31 Lenzen a young activist, who already radiates dynamism and optimism from the outside: Gustav Kasselstrand, born 1987 in Valdemarsvik in Östergötland and living today in Stockholm. He completed his military service in a company of the Livgarde, a regiment consisting of infantry and cavalry, in Kungsängen in the municipality of Upplands-Bro, before Kasselstrand studied economics and German at the Gothenburg School of Economics. After graduating, he worked for the Reichstag, then as a language teacher for companies and the public sector. Gustav Kasselstrand was also involved in various economic projects. Today he works as an independent entrepreneur with a focus on business development for corporate clients. Apart from English, he speaks fluent German and has a basic knowledge of Finnish.

Wealth: Diversity of peoples, languages and cultures

Kasselstrand sees the decisive wealth of the European continent in the diversity of countries, languages and cultures. In this respect, it is painful for him to see the EU imprisoning the peoples of Europe in a straitjacket and cutting them down with a view to their integrity. This can be seen in the example of the “common asylum policy” with its insane attempts to force countries to accept migrants. This raises the question of how Europe’s cohesion should be strengthened if Brussels threatens countries such as Poland or Hungary with periodic penalty payments because they are steadfastly opposed to the allocation of “refugee” quotas. From Kasselstrand’s perspective, the current EU policy is more likely to increase friction between countries.

Kasselstrand also repeatedly refers to international crime: It must serve as a justification for a necessity for the EU. But only the “free movement of persons” imposed by Brussels has opened the door to criminal gangs.

Alternative: Nordic Cooperation

But what alternative does the AfS frontman see especially for his country? On the party’s website and in innumerable citizen conversations, he also comments on this. He favours “Nordic cooperation, which has enormous potential for Sweden”. Unfortunately, however, this cooperation “has been neglected to the advantage of the forced cooperation with the EU”. The Nordic Council, founded in 1952 at Denmark’s initiative as a forum for the Nordic countries, “has thus been degraded to a debating club without influence”. Kasselstrand sees this as “a disgrace, as Nordic cooperation is a success story in contrast to the failed EU”. In this respect, Kasselstrand pleads for a shift in the focus of international cooperation: Away from Brussels towards cooperation at eye level between countries with similar prerequisites.

The second step must not be taken before the first. That is why, from the point of view of the alternative for Sweden, EU membership must first be withdrawn before cooperation with Denmark, Finland, Iceland and the North Ways can be revived.

Kasselstrand sees an increasing discrepancy between the people and politics with regard to the EU’s XXL monster: “There are millions of Swedes who want their country to leave the EU. Nevertheless, there is not a single party in the Reichstag – and not a single Swedish MEP – who represents them. It shows the abysmal divide between the Swedish people and the politicians.” For his country Kasselstrand demands a referendum based on the Brexit model, i.e. a swexit. He rates the Brexit to a large extent as “the result of the opinion-forming work of Nigel Farage of UKIP in the European Parliament”. Should he receive the necessary number of votes on 26 May, voters could be confident that “I will always defend the interests of Sweden and the Swedish people against the emerging monster states”.

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