Europa Terra Nostra e.V. is a political foundation at European level. It was founded in July 2015 in Berlin and is aligned with the European level party the “Alliance for Peace and Freedom”. This is an association of nationalistic parties from member states of the EU, supported by members of the European Parliament as well as elected representatives at national and regional levels.

In our articles of association we are committed to the principles of the European Union: freedom; democracy; respect of human rights and fundamental freedoms, and constitutional legality. Through political education, we aim to contribute to the further development of Europe according to free democratic and social principles. In doing so, our educational work stands firmly on the fundamentals of national and democratic philosophy and on Western culture.

"Through political education, we want to make a contribution to the further development of Europe according to democratic, free and social principles."

Therefore, the criticism of the current European Union, with its democracy deficit, is a major issue for us. Nationalism and European cooperation are not contradictions for us. On the contrary: in view of the many threats of our continent, both from within and without, mutual cooperation in one Europe of the indigenous nations is more important than ever before. Our “Europe-political guidelines” can be found below.

What we do

We work in various European countries to organise seminars and congresses, release publications and promote studies that primarily deal with the great questions for ‘Europe’.

Our seminars provide participants with the skills they need to take participate effectively in public debates in order to shape the future of Europe. We aim to educate people interested in politics, who, together, will actively shape their communities and futures. Our efforts are there for volunteers, the curious, young talents in political organisations, politicians and employees of institutions and associations.

At our congress, focus is placed on the exchange of many national perspectives on Europe. We want to bring together people from different European countries and thus make a contribution towards European cohesion in order to prevent old historical frictions leading to future violent conflicts between states or ethnicities.

Through our publications, we help to inform the European public on political processes within the European Union. In doing so, we aim to stimulate discussions on negative developments affecting our continent and provide principled nationalist answers to problems affecting our communities, nations and continent.

Our Program

We stand for a Europe of sovereign nations, in which the independent countries work together for a basis, to meet the big challenges of our time and to honour and promote our common christian values and the European cultural heritage.

We want to help to eliminate the democratic deficits within the present structures of the EU and to ensure that as many citizens as possible have a voice again, who are currently alienated from the democratic process within the EU. We stand for a recovery of the involvement of citizens in the decision-making processes and for the elimination of corruption and of the enormous influence of corporations and media companies on our political institutions.

We are supporters of the fundamental human right for a peaceful life with a fair standard of living in your own home country and therefore are critical towards mass immigration and this multiculturalism with all its negative manifestations.

And last, but not least, we are dedicated to the peace in Europe and want to contribute, that existing historical conflicts among the European nations (people) are solved in a peaceful way of negotiations and compromises and not by interferences of the outside. A European fratricidal war must not happen again.

Decided on the 2. general meeting on September 16, 2015 in Berlin.

Our Logo

EUROPA TERRA NOSTRA‘s logo (word-image-brand) is closely linked with the symbol of the phoenix, a mythic bird from Ancient Greece that burns itself to death or dies in order to arise once again from its ashes. Europe should arise again in this way, too, in brilliant new splendour – there where it appears to have already been given up as lost.

Words that should be associated with the bird in flames are: mystic, powerful, aesthetic, heroic, female and male.

Audit report for 2016

In accordance with the rules from the European Parliament Europa Terra Nostra publish the following document conserning the Grant Award for 2016.

  • balance sheet (clearly indicating any social fund and reserve);
  • profit and loss account (clearly indicating the grant amount, the own resources and any other type of income);
  • budget form (as presented to the EP; clearly indicating the amount of the contribution in kind);
  • list specifying the donors and the amounts given, for donations above € 500 per year per donor

ETN Audit report Unqualified with emphasis of matter

Spenden 2016 über 500 Euro

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