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26 Oct

Freedom Congress – with a message of hope

During the weekend 21 - 23 October Europa Terra Nostra arranged the Freedom Congress (Freiheitlicher Kongress) in northern Germany, with speakers from Europe, USA and the Middle East. The theme for the congress was “Reconquista or Doom”, focusing on the ...

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21 Oct

ETN Podcast #3: The Migrant Crisis is Far From Over

Where are all the children that are supposed to come to the United Kingdom from The Jungle? And how can it be that Sweden will give free driver license and housing to Daesh-terrorists? This, and much more, in the third ...

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Recep Erdogan
19 Oct

Is Erdoğan dreaming the Ottoman dream?

After the attempted coup in Turkey in July 2016, the AK Parti and Recep Erdoğan have strengthened their hold on the country. Turkey is also trying to establish themselves as a major political player in the ongoing troubles in the ...

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14 Oct

ETN Podcast #2: The Truth Behind The Asylum Spray

Why are so many Swedes leaving Sweden? And why do the Danes feel the need for an "Asylum Spray"? This, and much more, in the second episode of the Europa Terra Nostra Podcast.

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15 Sep

Freiheitlicher Kongress 2016: “Reconquista oder Untergang – Europa im Widerstand und Wandel.”

Europa ist bedrohter denn je. Daraus erwächst auch der Widerstand europäischer Nationalisten.

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