Dan Eriksson with a delegation from Europa Terra Nostra in Greece

Presentation of information campaign “Youth Unemployment in Europe”

Headed by the chairman of the foundation Europa Terra Nostra e.V., Dan Eriksson, a delegation travelled to Greece for a visit lasting from 1st to 3rd July 2016 to present an information campaign on the issues relating to youth unemployment in Europe to an interested public there. Through this campaign, the foundation wishes to present correlations pertaining to this problem, which affects many European countries, to a broad public, to inform people about programmes conducted at a European level, and to call attention to relevant economic aspects. One element of this campaign is a factsheet on the campaign topic, which lists both problems and prospects.

In conjunction with the trip by the delegation, the campaign was publicised in a number of ways in Greece. One particularly significant event was a reception at the Greek parliament organised by MP Christos Pappas where the delegates were able to meet with further MPs to discuss the campaign at the political level. In addition, a meeting with journalists was arranged, who were informed about the concept and the purpose of the campaign.

At a well-attended event in Corinth, where Greek MPs as well as experts and a large number of interested citizens were present, the Europa Terra Nostra delegation held extensive discussions about the issue of high youth unemployment in Europe. The delegation succeeded in making very effective use of its stay, establishing numerous contacts and picking up interesting suggestions.

Through its current campaign, the foundation intends to heighten awareness about the problem of youth unemployment among the broad public and to increase people’s knowledge about labour market policy measures. The campaign throws light on the different opportunities young people have of entering the labour market, analyses existing political programmes, investigates correlations with macroeconomic observations and takes part in the discussion about the root causes. As youth unemployment is above 50 % in Greece, it made sense to make that country a focal point for the information campaign. That said, particularly a comparison of circumstances in different countries may well produce further interesting insights, and the foundation can then pass the results of an analysis of those insights on to the political actors.


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