Detachment from the European media establishment

The foundation “Europa Terra Nostra” holds the first inter-European publishers’ conference “Nation & Europe” in Berlin

In his “Prison Notebooks”, the Italian marxist Antonio Gramsci formulated the idea that power in society is not just exercised by state institutions, but also by “soft” factors such as religion or culture. He challenged the intellectuals accordingly to engage as protagonists in a cultural struggle for people’s values, ideas and morals. On the 10th of March 2016, publishers and journalists from seven European countries met in Berlin, to hear the strategies and concepts of a patriotic media guerilla, who needs to expand their influence against the mainly politically aligned, established media concerns. The invite came from the “Europa Terrra Nostra” foundation, which is close to the European party “Alliance for Peace and Freedom”.

“Motgift“  – a national antidote

The day started with a walk through the Berlin district of Köpenick, where there was the first opportunity to get to know each other. The route passed striking locations in what had been an independent city until 1920. These included the Town Hall, and the Köpenicker Castle, where the famous court martial involving Hans Hermann von Katte and the Crown Prince, who was later to become the Prussian King Friedrich II, was held. At the reception which followed, it quickly became clear how diverse nationalist journalism in Europe is. In their talks, the Swedish representatives Dan Eriksson, Daniel Höglund and Magnus Södermann made it clear once more, why Sweden can rightly claim to be the test-bed for a young, creative, rapidly growing nationalist scene. The mouthpiece for the Swedish scene is the online radio station “Motgift”, which has managed to do what many other online media offerings have failed to do: namely to achieve a fast-growing media reach for national content as a self-financing online platform. You don’t really have to say much about another national media project in Sweden: The Arktos press, which was presented in Berlin by its creator Daniel Friberg. At the interface of new-right and nationalist journalism, it has become one of the most important European protagonists for a journalistic renewal of the European right.. There’s not much more to say about the authors assembled there, such as Alexander Dugin, Alain de Benoist, Guillaume Faye, Julius Evola, Paul Gottfried or Michael O`Meara. In its editorial profile, Arktos sets itself the challenge of publishing the most provocative thinkers of the right. Michal Kruppa, in turn, presented the magazine “Opcja Na Prawo”, which ranks as one of the major political magazines in Poland, covering a broad spectrum from national conservative journalism all the way to more liberal positions, whereby the American political scientist Paul Gottfried is among the major authors creating a bridge to the old conservative movement in the USA. On the other hand, the liberal magazine “Die Aula” which has been a mouthpiece for FPÖ-leaning academics in Austria, represents a grand tradition. In his talk, Editor in Chief Martin Pfeiffer highlighted the area of tension between closeness to party and journalistic independence where “Aula” is engaged.

Welcome by Udo Voigt

In his welcome, the Member of the European Parliament Udo Voigt warned of an increased rapprochement of the EU with Turkey, which had already led led to frantic reactions, such as the exclusion of the Chrysi Avgi“ Member Eleftherios Synadinos from a plenary sitting, simply because he had quoted the views of an Ottoman historian about the behaviour of the Turks. Voigt went on to say that free speech was also under threat in Strasbourg and Brussels. The delegates at the publisher’s conference came together to exchange views, in particular, about their core competencies – in Germany, for example, the TV project “DS – TV”, which regularly achieves six-digit viewing figures – to learn from each other, and become even more professional. Other seminars and meetings organised by the foundation “Europa Terra Nostra” are planned, to further develop the collaboration between European patriots.


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