ETN Podcast #7: How the “Refugee Crisis” is orchestrated

Dan and Magnus is back and have a lot to talk about. There has been an election in Austria, a referendum in Italy and also an ETN-congress in Sweden. More so, the two discuss the ”refugee crisis” and ask exactly how the ”refugees” come to Europe from North Africa.

The election in Austria did not go the way many of us hoped and also the establishment thought. Obviously the old parties managed to muster enough support to beat Norbert Hofer and FPÖ by a few percent. But even so, almost half of the votes went to Hofer, which is a victory per see.

In Italy things went better when the people said NO – loud and clear – to the new constitution and (in the long run) more power to the EU. So, even though some find solace in the result in Austria, they continue being worried about the continuing populist revolution in Europe.

Last, but not least, the migration route over the Mediterranean is up and running. The question is; who is funding it. Ships from Europe travel to the coast of Libya, picking up their load of people and ”smuggle” them to Italy… from where other NGO:s help them on their way. This is not happening by itself, it is organised, protected and funded by the enemies of Europe.


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