Europe Terra Nostra presented the newly released book

On June 30th, 2017, the Europe Terra Nostra foundation presented its second book release. The newly released book, Zeiten des Wandels – Beiträge zur Reconquista, contains essays contributed by different authors, showing national and European alternatives for the currently reigning politics and wants to offer ideological guidance for the identity-laden forces of the 21st century.

ETN Chairman Dan Eriksson and former NPD party leader Udo Voigt, Member of the European Parliament, who is also one of the authors of the book, attended the book presentation. Voigt welcomed the attending guests and was available for book signings afterwards.

Dan Eriksson presented selected articles from the book. The central text of the book is the newly released and newly translated essay “The political soldier” by Derek Holland, who once was a leader of the International Third Position and, not only delivers the theoretical knowledge for a contemporary political fight, but also helps with the practical implementation of such theory. The brilliant text by the British author, who is today living in Ireland and working with families in debt, is still very relevant today, said Eriksson.

Nick Griffin, former member of the European Parliament and former party chairman of the British National Party (BNP), has contributed two essays to Zeiten des Wandels. In one, he introduces distributism as an alternative to the liberal-capitalistic exploitation on one side and socialistic plundering on the other. Besides that, he delivers a relentless analysis of the demographic situation in Europe and shows what is to be expected and how this can be handled.

Buchveröffentlichung Zeiten des Wandels
Buchveröffentlichung Zeiten des Wandels
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Roberto Fiore from Italy, former member of the European Parliament and founder of the nationalist party Forza Nuova and current chairman of the European party Alliance for Peace and Freedom, which is associated with Europe Terra Nostra, shows in his contributions clearly how identity-laden points of view have been influencing official politics in Europe today.

Udo Voigt shows in his contributions the real enemies of Europe, and Greek psychologist and publicist, Irene Dimopoulou, wife of parliament member Chris Pappas (Golden Dawn), is a mother of three kids and deals with the current politics of fear. She describes how opposing parties can work against such strategies. The preface of Dan Eriksson, the chairman of Europe Terra Nostra, and an introduction by Stefan Jacobsson, who is member of the APF, compliment this fundamental book.

Dan Eriksson mentioned, after releasing the philosophical-political handbook, The real right returns, by Daniel Friberg last year, this book is already the second release by the young European political foundation.

“The most important thing”, according to Eriksson, “is it to make this fundamental writing in which essentials elements of our ideological willingness are presented, available to a broad public audience, to advertise our ideas and deliver arguments for activists.”

Substitutional chairman, Jens Pühse, concluded the presentation with information about activities Europe Terra Nostra had in the last one and a half years since the original founding and showed what to expect in the second half of 2017.

You can order the book Zeiten des Wandels – Beiträge zur Reconquista for a price of EUR 13,50 right here.


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