A first time visitors report from the conference in Gothenburg, Sweden

26 of November. Saturday. Gothenburg. Sweden. The lights are lit, there is commotion in the room as people are finding their seats. There is expectation in the air. Some are more forward than others when they pass the leaders of the European resistance – Roberto Fiore or Nick Griffin – a nod of recognition here, but also a handshake and words of appreciation there. It is time for the ETN conference “The Global crisis and the nationalist response for Europe” to begin.

The crowd, counting about 100 individuals, was greeted by Daniel Höglund, a long time Swedish nationalist militant and now publisher from the Swedish publishing house “Logik Förlag” (Logic Publishing). He was our moderator for the evening but also the first speaker out and focused in his speech on the meta-political struggle and the role of the book in this. After him we would hear from Nick Griffin, Stefan Jacobsson, Jens Pühse, Dan Eriksson, Roberto Fiore and Alexander Sotnichenko – all giving their views, insights and inspiration for the nationalist response to the global crisis.

Instead of a point by point report, let us now read the thoughts from one of the attendants, who for the first time took part in a nationalist conference. All the speeches will be published by ETN either as video or sound in the following days.

Daniel Höglund (Sweden)
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“I did not know what to expect even though I had my hopes up since I had seen clips from other gatherings and talked with friends who had been to others earlier. I would not be disappointed. First of all I could rule out what I have read in the mainstream media concerning nationalists. I could not find one dysfunctional, hate filled, crazy person. Only the opposite. I talked with academics, businessmen, students and workers – and they talked to each other, listened and learned. It was a really nice atmosphere.

I liked that the organizers gave us the opportunity to mingle over some coffee before the event began. You got a chance to feel comfortable with the others before it was time to sit down. I have no complaints concerning organizational matters and the program we all got was followed to the point.

First out was Daniel Höglund from the publishing house Logik who talked about why books really do matter in the metapolitical struggle we are involved in. Being an avid reader myself, I can only agree. After him, Nick Griffin from the Alliance for Peace and Freedom took the lectern and gave a speech that both inspired and worried… inspired since it focused a lot on what we can and must to as nationalist militants, worried since the demography of the white people, as he explained, is glooming.

After the two speakers it was time for lunch and an opportunity to discuss what had been said. Here, compliments to the organizers, who had arranged for a really nice meal with serving at the table by professional waiters. I really did not think it would be so professional… my bad, obviously. Also, I appreciated that we were served fish, nothing else is acceptable when in Gothenburg.

Back in the conference room, Stefan Jacobsson fired us all up with his positive call to action. I have read about the Alliance for Peace and Freedom but have had my concerns. Many of them had gone away when Mr. Jacobsson was done. After him, Jens Pühse from Germany talked to us, asking who the real enemies of Europe are. Since I know German it was no problem for me understanding him, and his speech was translated to Swedish as well. But still, I think it slows everything down a bit, when translating is added. Maybe it would be better to give a translated copy of the speech beforehand to the audience, or showing the translation on the big screen in front.

Once again I want to thank the organizers since they made sure we did not have to sit through hours of talking. After coffee and cake, and in my case also some fresh air and a short walk, three speakers was left.

Dan Eriksson, who I feel that i know (even though I don’t) since I listen to the radio show/podcast he hosts, was up next. He is the chairman of Europa Terra Nostra and talked on the subject; ‘Have we already won?’. Both Mr. Eriksson and the next speaker up, Roberto Fiore, was very positive. Actually, all the speakers as well as the audience, were very positive concerning the future which also lifted my spirit.

Now it was time for the speaker I had been looking especially forward to, Roberto Fiore, leader of Forza Nuova and the president of Alliance for Peace and Freedom. He did not let us down and his speech was not only very informative, but also inspiring and in a sense, ‘deep’ from a philosophical point of view. The topic of his speech was ‘Changes in Europe and America. Are we at the end of the tunnel?’ and as all the other speakers he pointed to the fact that times are changing in the world. The old left-wing liberal establishment is falling apart and the nationalist ‘revolution’ will follow the ‘populist’ revolution that is now happening.

Mr. Fiore also talked about the APF and why this initiative is important. Mr. Jacobsson had, as I wrote above, dismantled some of my concerns and when Mr. Fiore was done, I decided to become a member.

The last speaker of the day was also very interesting. Professor Alexander Sotnichenko gave a lecture concerning the geopolitical situation of Russia and the Middle East, especially the situation in Syria. What I liked most about the professor’s speech was, first of all, his deep knowledge, and second, his unbiased presentation. He did not try to ‘convert’ the listener to a special point of view, he presented the facts as they were.

Last, but not least, there was some Q and A with all the speakers. This is good, but since everyone at that point was tired, it was quite short. Maybe it would be better to have the Q and A right after each speech instead.

To summarize: It was a great conference that entertained, inspired and educated. It was professional and sincere. The problem for the nationalist resistance is political credibility, the fact that many who are sympathetic to our message have fallen for the endless negative propaganda from the mainstream media and/or totally ludicrous or counterproductive immature clowns who can’t or won’t adapt to the current political milieu but keep repeating the ‘old ways’, believing the result to change (a.k.a. the definition of insanity).

With the ETN, APF and all others working together giving us events like this in Gothenburg, this can change. One thing is for sure and it is obvious after this conference. It is for real and we do stand a chance.”


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