Manhemsdagen 2016 – A day for Sweden and Europe

On May 28 Europa Terra Nostra (ETN) supported by the nationalist media project Motgift arranged the congress ”Manhemsdagen” in Sweden. ”Manhem” was used by Olof Rudbeck as a name for Sweden in the book ”Atlantica” from 1702 and several nationalist societies and organizations have used it since.

Over 200 people gathered in Stockholm to attend the congress and there where high expectations from start. A full day was planned, beginning at 1400 hours going on until late evening. The congress was held in a beautiful rural area just outside the nations capital Stockholm witch gave an extra dimension to the activities. Being away from the pulse of the city, engulfed by the serenity of the Nordic nature was appreciated by guests as well as organizers.

At 1400 Dan Eriksson and Magnus Söderman greeted the guests welcome and from then it was on. The program was a mixture of speeches, music and a theatrical performance. The theatre followed the traditional Swedish ”folklustspel” (folk play) heckeling the political corectness of our day. After the play, the ensemble where met with ovations.

Several well known nationalists speakers, militants and politicians held speeches and especially appreciated was Mr. Graikos Fotios från Golden Dawn. This was the first time that Golden Dawn officially visited Sweden and the they got a hearty welcome from the attendants. Besides Mr. Fotios, also Mr. Dan Eriksson (ETN) and Mr. Stefan Jacobsson, secretary general of Alliance for Peace and Freedom gave speeches that motivated and inspired the crowd. Two well known Swedish militants, authors and long time political activist, Mr. Björn Björkqvist and Mr. Magnus Söderman also took the stage and gave the audience words of advice and words of inspiration.

There were also musical performances. Project Arla Gryning (Early Dawn) played traditional Swedish compositions adapted to modern electrical instruments. The meeting of old and new Sweden in the music stirs the soul. From Germany came the troubadour Barny who played a wide variety of old and new folk songs. He also backed Alexandra, a Swedish singer/songwriter, who’s beautiful voice and nationalist lyrics framed the congress. Last, but not least, the congress was visited by the legendary Swedish troubadour Viktor (from bands as Ferox and Svensk Ungdom) who visited as a guest but was more or less forced up on stage by demands from the audience.

All in all it was a great event as the praise from the guests showed. For a moment, if only some hours, we could all experience what Europe could be, should be – united in ideas and shared history, but also different culturally, which makes it more interesting. Manhemsdagen was a worthy celebration of Europe and hopefully it will become an annual event.


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