Refugee crisis or an invasion?

How should we interpret the last year’s influx to Europe?

When the “refugee crisis” of 2015 began it was clear that what we saw was something new. The masses of people wandering in and through Europe made it obvious for all, the media and governments could not hide what was happening any longer. They mobilized there SJW: s and “gutmenschen” and their propaganda went into full spin. The story was that we had to help all these poor souls who were fleeing from war and terror.

In the beginning many believed it (some still do) but after a while it became more and more obvious that foul play was at hand. The “refugees” were almost all men, men in good condition, with nice clothes and smartphones. Not all, but many.

Then, when for example Hungary said enough is enough and shut its border, these “refugees” became violent. They attacked the border. We saw the same in Greece, in Calais, France and in many other places. We still see it, lately in Melilla and Ceuta, Spain. Hundreds of men (“refugees”) storm the border, carrying tools to cut through fences and fighting with the police.

What is the correct description when hundreds (thousands) of violent people try to force their way into a sovereign nation? It is an invasion! It is one thing to ask politely for asylum – for help – another to demand it and with violence try to take that which is not granted.

Looking at what has been happening on Europe’s outer borders and still are happening, we can only come to one conclusion. It is not a “refugee crisis”, it is an invasion.


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