Successful seminar „…and Action! “in Berlin

In the first weekend in July, Europe Terra Nostra invited activists to a two-day seminar with the theme „…and Action! – for a Europe with a future.” It was the second event of its kind after it was clear there is a lot of interest concerning this issue with political active people, who want to use the film medium for their own future work.

The event was led by Jörg Hähnel, who has extensive experience producing movies with political content and has been well-known for his project „DS-TV“. The attending guests learned the theoretical and technical basis of film production. During the seminar, he answered questions like “How much cost should I plan for?”, “How do I create a program conception?”, or “What are the technical rules I have to follow?” After answering those, the practical part started, in which the attending visitors could test their newly gotten knowledge in interviews and reports.

20170701 113735
20170701 113735
Videoseminar Film ab!
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With a European political foundation, like the ETN, the central content theme in those short films was Europe. The attending guests could show which alternative ideas they have for shaping the future of Europe’s countries and the difference compared to the political form in Brussels.

The board of Europe Terra Nostra was very satisfied by the positive reactions shown during and after the seminar and is planning similar events in the future. Though this is still depending on the donations being received, since the European Parliament is not paying money owed to the foundation because of shabby political excuses by the Parliament.


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