Successful Workshop „On film – for a Europe with a future“ in Berlin

Time goes on and doesn´t stop doing this – and the same way images increasingly start moving within the process of information. More and more also innovations and progress do not alone persist on a status quo in the rage of political activities, but develop to different formats alongside the respectively most modern technological possibilities.

Especially in a region with a grade of ICT-culture like most of Europe has, the so called „moving images“ gain in significance concerning newscasts and the forming of political opinions. Thanks to the last years development it is now achievable with much less expenditure what previously only was possible for established studios.

To convey different groups the skills to present their views about European politics by the use of video projects the foundation Europa Terra Nostra represented by Dan Eriksson organised a two-day workshop, where the participants got imparted the knowledge of the essential techniques, methods and planings to this subject by the course instructors. In question of the treated topics during the part of the practical exercises there was the specification that all films had to be thematically embedded in a European context.

Dan Eriksson described the intention of this workshop amongst others as follows: „If young people with critical minds want to take over responsibility in the future configuration of their continent Europe, they have to learn using modern methods and techniques to effectively take part in public discourses concerning their affairs. From this leading point we have done a very important duty for political culture in Europe this weekend“.

This seminar took part the weekend ago, 09./10. of July in Berlin, and was mainly led by Jörg Hähnel who has many years of experience in this subject area and is responsible for the technical implementation of the DS-TV media project. He knows best about what aspects are of vital importance in matters of creating the plot, to draw a script concept, finding the location, do the lightning or similiar stuff and finally how to calculate all this.

Chief-Instructor Jörg Hähnel stated as a summary of the workshop: „In an information society it´s important for democracy that within the process of opinion-forming the involved groups are able to face each other on a level playing field, in order to avert lopsideness and hence the danger of manipulation. Looked at this workshop from this point I think we´ve done a useful contribution to sustain diversity of opinion in European politics. In this sense it is desirable, if political meassages dissenting to the mainstream can be viewed by a wider audience. The more the challenge of the the European Establishment by numerous alternative tv-media projects the better will be the results of decision making. I´m quite sure about this!“


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